Todays Run and other stuff..

Today I had the day off from work to do some stuff towards settling my father’s estate. Had to drive an hour to pick up the probate forms, then go another half an hour north to my dad’s apartment to pick up the mail. Came back home, than took my daughter to meet her new Gastroenterologist. She is a doll, and Cath seems to like her, so I think it will work out good.
I then went shopping for a dress for the funeral. Since I have lost so much weight, I had no idea what size I am. I took about 6 dresses into the changing room, and went through all of them. I ended up with a pretty jersey knit in a size just a bit larger so that it will drape over the muffin-top belly fat I still have. I think the dress looks great.. hopefully husband will approve. 😉  And, I got it at JCPennys for 35$ a bargain!  I also finally found a running skirt!!! Black with bright pink pleats.. I love it!
I wore my new skirt and matching top out running tonite. By the time I went, it was almost 7:30, and the sun starts setting about 7:45. Since I had a neon color on, I felt comfortable running on the main road as long as I didn’t go too far. I went a mile, turned around and came back.
I am still walking a little in my runs. I dont know why exactly. I havent been able to figure out if it’s lack of focus or if it’s because I have a lousy diet and I just dont have the energy to pull off a 100% run. When I do walk, its only for a few seconds, and it’s fast walking. I hate it when my 1mile time is over 13 mins, so I try hard not to let that happen. I really wish I had someone who could evaluate my running, and give me pointers. How come all of you followers live so far away 🙁
Tomorrow is my 25th wedding anniversary! Yay! The hubby is taking me on a trip to Nova Scotia in August, just to get away. I guess he’s figured out that my dad’s passing away has rocked me to the core. Since I lost mom in 2007, this has been pretty traumatic and I’m still working through all the stages of grief. I know it takes time. I use my running to help clear my mind when I need it.

Love to you all..

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  1. Jen says:

    Yay to the running skirt!!! & yay for getting out there. My thoughts – you’re mentally exhausted from all of the events in your life in the past couple of weeks. That will have a huge impact on your runs. I know for sure I was in a fog for at least a month after my mom passed away. I applaud you for getting out there and making a go of it. Sometimes we have days where we can’t get our legs moving (sometimes weeks of this) and then all of a sudden – boom – you’ve got it. My advice – just stick with it and listen to your body. Hugs to you.