Well, I guess I have nothing to complain about.. I ran a 1 mile race today, and set a new PR of 12:01! The thing that bugs me is that I took off too fast and my hands went numb right away, so I had to stop and walk to get my breathing under control. I have to wonder if I could have pulled off close to an 11:00 minute mile if I hadn’t…  That’s allright, I have that to shoot for now! 
Tomorrow is a 5K in town. I’m kind of not looking forward to the hills. But I will do my best. I am running each race in memory of my father and that will keep me focused and going to the best that I can. Oh, I did see a few ladies in skirts today, so I know that I can wear one around here now and not feel out of place! Guess I will get to sewing some more!

Love to you all!

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3 responses to “YMCA MILK MILE=PR!!!”

  1. Dana says:

    Just when I thought I was passing you. Just did a 5K trail run and my average pace was 12.07. Keep it up, your really pushing me.

  2. Just Jen says:

    Congrats on your new PR!

  3. Jen says:

    Great job & I think that running for your dad is quite therapeutic. I still run for my mom. 🙂 Hugs. Best of luck today & eat those hills for breakfast. & then come home and sew up more skirts!