Upcoming events and thoughts

I have a busy weekend coming up! This saturday is a 1 mile race here in town. I am going at it alone again, as I still dont have anyone to run with. Oh well. Sunday is a 5K in town, so I will probably run that too. 

I’m still in a fog over the death of my father this week. I dont feel like doing anything but eating and sleeping, but I’ll be damned if I am going to give up on my running! I pushed myself to go last night, although I found out that eating Olive Garden Lasagna and then running is not a good mix.  ;0)

I still cant seem to break the 13 min mile. I have been running with a short stride to avoid injuring my ankle. When I lengthen it a bit, it feels more natural, but without someone to watch me and tell me if it’s too far out, I just don’t dare to change what I’m doing. I have resigned myself to being the slowest runner around. I will never win a race at this pace… I’m certainly nothing like I was in high school, where I set 4 records in Spring Track and Field. Sometimes I just feel embarrassed and wonder what the heck am I doing out there JOGGING. Yup, I said the J word. I like to think of myself as a runner, but what if all I am is a Jogger? I hate the word! 

When Oh When am I going to break into a 12 min mile????

My dad and my daughter, 3 days before he passed away.
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3 responses to “Upcoming events and thoughts”

  1. Thank you ladies! I did it!!! I ran a 12 min mile today!!! That makes me very happy and it came just when I needed it. Thank you again for your encouragement, it means alot to me!

  2. Jen says:

    Best of luck with your road race today! & If you are out there running – you ARE a runner. Not a jogger.

  3. How many people your age can run a 13 minute mile. PLEASE LOUISE!!!! You are awesome!!!!!!!