Gettin’ ready to rock and roll

This weekend is Mother’s Day, and to celebrate I have signed up to do a virtual 5K. It’s the Westminster Women’s Classic. This is from their website:

Virtual Race:  If you’re not near Westminster CO, run this race in your own neighborhood and send in your ‘results’.  We’ll post a virtual runners’ results page with photos…if you send them.  All virtual runners receive a T Shirt and a race bib…because you want to look ‘official’ when you’re racing down the block!

I figured that this would be a good time to try to do this distance all at once. I am hoping that it wont be pouring rain though. I have a special outfit to wear for this race…

The shirt is the official shirt for the race, along with the bib number from my registration. Headbands are by BondiBand, Shoes by Saucony, pink shoelaces courtesy of Jen at SWEAT PINK. White shorts are just some shorts I had kicking around.. hahaha and I will wear some capris under them.  I have to admit, running these races could be very addicting. Next weekend is an event in Portland ME to raise funds for Crohns and Colitis research. Since my daughter has been affected by Crohns, I wanted to do my part. At first it looked like I would have other people to run this with me, but now it’s just going to be me alone. Oh well. At least I am doing my part.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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  1. Sounds like a great time (virtual 5k) have a wonderful Mother’s Day as well!