At last I’m back…

Last Saturday I left for Western Maine, to go help my elderly father clean out our house, as we recently put it up for sale. He and my mom have lived in that home since around 1950, so you can imagine all the stuff that was in there. Mom passed away in 2007, and my father continued to live there until October. He found a 1 bedroom apartment and loves it! It’s exactly a mile from the house.
From Saturday till this morning, Tuesday, It was non-stop work. Packing, lugging furniture up and down 2 steep flights of stairs, up and down, up and down… whew! I’m happy to say that when I got on the scale this morning out of curiosity, I am down 6 lbs since last week!
While I was there, I was hoping to go for daily run, since I had been a week since my last one. The wind was blowing sooo strong though, that I knew it was useless to even try. Since I was getting plenty of exercise at the house (judging from the amount of sweating I was doing) I figured I was doing ok.
Yesterday the wind died down some, and I needed a break from cleaning, so I told dad that I was taking an hour to go running. I timed that perfectly with his trip to the dump, so I didn’t have to go! This is a picture of my cousin and dad after they loaded the truck to go the metal salvage place.
As I mentioned before the house and apartment are exactly a mile apart. I took off with the wind at my back and ran to the apartment. Went in for a bit, had a drink and then headed back against the wind. I was running along the river and it was beautiful, but the wind was buffeting my shirt and my hair. I did however have my new Bondi Band headband to wear.
Now mind you I am NOT a headband or hat wearer, never have been.. but after a couple of times of the sweat running into my eyes and contact lenses I changed my mind! I love this! It was super comfy.. i wore it around my neck until I got hot, then slipped it on. Kept my eyes clear and my earbuds didn’t fall out either.  That is a plus! I seem to catch my arm on them no matter where I put the cord, whether in the front or back, and they pop out. This kept them in place better.
Long story short, I got in a 2 mile run in my black Asics 2150’s. I really was wishing that I was running in my Vibrams, but I decided against that. I did however, take a break when I finished the two miles, and went in and put the Vibrams on, and did a quick .62 lap around the block in them.  I am happy to report, no pain, and no issues from running that distance in them.
Today I got some presents in the mail. I  just love it when the UPS guy comes to the house.. hahaha.. The first thing I got was a new ankle brace by Zensah. I like this because it is lightweight and not too restrictive. Just enough compression to know it’s there.  It’s very comfortable.  I would encourage anyone who is post surgery or having chronic ankle issues to buy something to help with compression and support. It’s well worth the money in the long run! (no pun intended!)

These are the specifics:

Zensah Ankle Support 

Seamless design provides pin-point compression
Increases circulation, reducing pain and swelling
Ultra-breathable, moisture wicking fabric
Horseshoe design with ribbing
Comfortable, lightweight and anti-bacterial

Full review here
My next item that came are my new running shorts.  I ordered these from Roadrunner Sports.  These are the Men’s RRS High Five 5″ Shorts.  I ordered the mens version because they are a little longer in the leg. Since I feel like my legs are still a bit chubby, I wanted something I could wear over my capri running pants. I just didn’t want anything too short until my legs are long and lean again.  The shorts look like this, although instead of the red, its the neon green. See a theme anyone???
And last,  but certainly not least, is my latest and most exciting purchase yet. New shoes! After doing tons of research on minimalist shoes, I decided on the Saucony Women’s Progrid Kinvara 2. It was a tough choice. I have feet that are just a little wider than normal size. I have never been able to comfortably run in running shoes that are pointy toed. These were definitely a 50-50 chance on whether they will work out or not.   This color is what I wanted to order:
But.. I couldn’t find them for less than full price ($90.00) anywhere.
So.. being the smart shopper that I am, I opted for color choice number two.
Being a girl that LOVES pinks and purples, these just spoke to me! And.. I got them for $30.00 cheaper on Amazon. If they work out well, I am definitely going to buy the green ones.
(Don’t know if hubby will be seen in public with me wearing those… hahaha)
But why the swap from Vibram Fivefingers? After the 1 mile race, I had a fair amount of discomfort in my ankle, and figured that I need to spend a little more time in transition to a truly flat running shoe. This one will be a lot lighter than the Asics and with just a tiny bit of cushion.  Kind of a go-between.  I will be out running in the them tomorrow, to check them out. Once I get a few miles on them, I will do a full review.
Next race?  2 Mile Event for Crohns and Colitis in Portland ME on May 19th.
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5 responses to “At last I’m back…”

  1. I do wear the Zensah ankle sleeve with my Vibrams. It is nice and thin and fits comfortably in the shoe. I dont think you would have any issue with it at all.. Good Luck!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi I came across this post from a Google Search. I am hoping you can answer a question about the Zensah ankle sleeve – can you wear the ankle sleeve at the same time as the Vibrams? I’ve been having ankle issues and need a good sleeve that is thin/short enough to fit in Vibrams. Thanks!

  3. I have been hearing many good things about the Kinervas – makes me want to check them out. Although, I generally run in stability shoes so I’m not sure if it’s a good idea. I also love the bright colors!

  4. Thanks Shannon! Nice to see someone else who enjoys the brightness… hahaha.. better than plain ol’ black and white!

  5. I love all the bright colors…I wear bright all the time…new follower for sure…happy running!