Before and Halfway

Many of my friends have been asking about my weight loss, and wanted to see a before and after picture. I wasn’t ready to do that until I had made enough progress to make it show. Now I am at -43lbs and I decided to do a half way picture.

My first goal to reach is 199. I made it down to 200 one time before, but never sub 200. So now my thought process is this….
Bring on 199 !!!
And just how am I doing this? I started weight watchers January 1st. I have changed my eating habits drastically for the better. All my life I have eaten junk food, and I hate to think of what my arteries look like inside. Knowing that heart disease is prevalent in my family, and seeing how obese I was getting, I finally said, THIS IS IT… NO MORE!  I have to say that my co-workers have been very supportive of my changes. They are all fitness buffs and had been on me for a long long time to get healthy. Now I can say I am well on my way.
The second part of my success is that I am finally running. After almost 2 years, I finally have a strong enough ankle that I can start running again.  I am taking it slowly as I still am pretty heavy in stature. So far I can run a miles distance, with stopping maybe once along the way. And.. I’m still able to breathe afterwards without keeling over. In January I couldn’t walk from my car in the parking garage to the office in the medical center without having back spasms and not being able to breathe. I consider that quite an accomplishment!
This friday will be my first road-race in 25 years. It’s only a mile, but I have yet to run the whole distance without stopping at least once. Here’s hoping that the enthusiasm of the crowd will help.
How are you getting fit???
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2 responses to “Before and Halfway”

  1. Thank you so much gf….love your encouragement and your friendship! Muah !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am so very proud of you, Weez! You look amazing and what’s more – you ARE amazing! Love you and sending you a big hug of encouragement. I know you can do anything you want…and will kick some booty on this race!


    Sarah (Mrs. Ellis)