Todays Run

I am totally into the minimalist running thing. I think Vibram Fivefinger’s are God’s gift to Runners!  hahaha… I know a lot of runners that will bawk at that comment, but hey.. to each his own.  I ran tonight in my vibrams, and did pretty well, although I am having a fair amount of pain along the anterior (front) section of my right tibia when I run. It seems to stop after I cool down and is only sore to touch. I am thinking that it is something to do wit the fascia that runs along there. I’m pretty sure it’s not a stress fracture, as that would hurt all the time. I have to be ready for the race next friday (see below) and I do want to run it in my vibrams, so we’ll have to see how the leg holds up. Ice, ice, ice is my plan!

I signed up for a 5K race today, because I wanted the T-shirt. I know, BAD WEEZ! Actually, I haven’t entirely given up on the thought of running the 5k, I was just more or less wanting to have the option of that or the 1 mile fun run, which is more my speed right now. I am soooooo excited about this! This is pushing me to accomplish more, as I only have 1 week to prepare. My friend Sharon is going to run with me next Tuesday and that will help as I need to see what running with someone else is like. I’ve only ever run alone in races when I was younger, and when I went running for fun, it was on my own. So this should be a blast and a good workout with a wonderful friend. 🙂

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