Back at it!

 It’s been while since I posted on here, and I guess that I am due for an explanation. Life lately has been absolutely crazy. Work has been hectic, my oldest has moved back from college in Arizona, and my youngest has been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease after a week in the hospital. Add in a few other “unmentionables” and you might get the idea. Plus.. it rained for almost the whole month of May.

I have finally decided that I am sick of being fat and ugly, and it’s time to get off my sorry fat butt and do something about it. I have GOT to do this.. my legs look terrible.. they have that red look that heavy  old people get when they are in heart failure. Obviously, I am retaining fluid, and with my mother’s history of heart disease, I have got to do something now before it’s too late.

Tonite after dinner, I coaxed asked Rob to go for a walk with me. We went to our usual spot, the cemetery, but I would have preferred to go to the running track, as it’s easier on my ankle. Once I can lose about 15 pounds, I will start doing the C25K at the track.

I have many motivators right now.. you would think all of these people encouraging me would make it easier, but somehow I have let myself down again. I want to mention a few of them, as they do deserve credit..  Shannon, who lost 300lbs by working out at the gym and eating sensibly; Tricia, by doing the same and now is a marathon runner: And Nate, who works out at the gym every day and looks fantastic.  These 3 are just a few of the important people that have kept my mind wanting to run whilst my willpower hasn’t been co-operating.  Congrats to you all for attaining your personal goals! Keep up the excellent work!

Stats from today’s walk:

1.15 miles in 24:11 minutes which is a 21min mile.

Hopefully tomorrow I can do this again~!

Love to you all..


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