DAY 2: C25K

After hubbie got home from work we headed out to our fave walking spot. I popped on the C25K in desperate hopes of regaining my momentum from last Sunday.  I did complete my full 30 mins, but ended up walking most of it. I did do a couple of full out “runs” as opposed to just jogging, but was having issues with my back cramping up. The spasms just didn’t want to let up so the jogging was very uncomfortable. I’m not sure why that today was so much harder than last sunday.  On a good note though, my breathing was tons better and I wasn’t gasping for breath like I did last time. I am making progress… though it is very slow.

Lets talk about a pain scale. I will evaluate each session afterwards according to the same scale. At the hospital we use the Comparative Pain Scale. Patients are asked to rate their pain according to this criteria:

0-1 No pain
2-3 Mild pain
4-5 Discomforting – moderate pain
6-7 Distressing – severe pain
8-9 Intense – very severe pain
10 Unbearable pain

At the end of each post I will post my numbers. I’m hoping that by the time I run my first race, I will only be seeing “1’s”. 

Pre-workout today: 
Ankle: 1
Hips: 0
Other: 0
Overall :  1

Post workout today:

Ankle: 3
Hips: 3
Other: 0
Overall:  5
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