Todays Musings

Feeling pretty good today! A little soreness around the ankle and rt hip, but nothing major.  I’ve done fairly well with my calories today. So far I had a med size double blueberry dunkin donuts coffee this morning, and a blueberry muffin from the hospital cafeteria instead of my usual cinnamon raisin bagel.

For lunch, I had a nice huge salad that was soooo tasty and healthy!  Yay me! I picked up a banana and an apple for my afternoon snack.  I guess this type of lunch/snack will be a staple in my diet for awhile. I have lost 6lbs since last week, which makes me VERY happy! 🙂 

I do have to acknowledge that I am very bad when it comes to chocolate. I had to make a trip to the pharmacy to get my allergy medicine, and this just jumped right into my hand before I knew it I was paying for this at the counter.

Ok.. a weak moment. Shame on me. I wasted 230 calories that  I could have put towards supper.  I still have 1000 calories to use for tonite 🙂  So today was not totally wasted!

Tomorrow I will do better!

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